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About us

Green Pear Adventures

What is Green Pear Adventures All About?

Green Pear Adventures is a family-owned business with great love and passion for the outdoors and our beautiful county, South Africa.

As a company, we understand that the destination, culture, and overall experience form part of your memories and journey when you travel.

With this in mind, we offer tailor-made adventures in South Africa to suit your every need, and most of all, create new memories for you and your loved ones.
Anything from romantic getaways, to family fun, adrenaline adventures, and gourmet tours that will delight your every taste bud.

Green Pear Adventures will assist you in sharing their passion for travel to make your journey as memorable as possible because we acknowledge the value of your time, memories, and experiences.

As Matthew Karsten once said, ``Investing in travel is investing in yourself``.

So join us and Venture to Memories.

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How it all began

Green Pear Adventures

Our Journey

Green Pear Adventures started with a passion for travel. Pierre is a qualified travel expert, with a dream of sharing his passion with like-minded people.
His wife, Leigh, a veterinarian, also shares a passion for nature and animals. This resulted in the idea to combine travel and veterinarian conferences.

With this, Pierre and Leigh began to build Green Pear Adventures, and not only share their passion with veterinarians but with everyone that loves to travel and has a desire to explore our beautiful country.

The vision for Green Pear Adventures is to create tailor-made travel packages according to each guest's individual travel style and need. Green Pear Adventures specialises in family travel, honeymoons, luxury travel, adventure travel, and can even make any weird and wonderful travel and activities ideas that you may have a reality.

Meet the team

Pierre Nel
Leigh Kymdell Nel
Karien Engelbrecht

The rest of the family


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