Going Gourmet

Our passion for food and love of cooking makes this aspect of travel one of our favourites. Weird and wonderful restaurants, gastropubs, street food markets, traditional cuisine, and fine dining all mixed in with the diversity of the people combined with the beautiful landscapes and settings makes South Africa a destination on its own when it comes to food and drinks. The country has brought up world-class chefs cooking in some of the finest Game Lodges, Hotels, and restaurants. We are sure to find the experience that will tickle your taste buds.

1. Homegrown-Foodies:

As a country, we are known for our cultural diversity and thus the food culture also consists of a wide range of tastes and traditions. Influences from all over the world also had an impact on South African dining, and we embrace many styles and tastes of cuisine. Bushbraai’s in the middle of the wilderness, snoek and lobster on the beach, a picnic on a mountain top, or a cooking class in the Bo Kaap are only some of the unique foodie experiences we offer.

2. Bottoms up:

South Africa is the ninth biggest wine producer in the world with over 90 000 hectares of vineyards of equal white and red cultivars. We also have the Pinotage cultivar that is unique and proudly South African. Thus it’s a no-brainer that a wine tasting, pairing, wine walk, or drive is essential to your itinerary. Our country is also rich in local breweries, distilleries of whiskey, brandy, and gin and so many more experiences to enjoy and taste.

3. Fine dining:

If you enjoy the finer side of food we can offer a wide range of delectable tasting menu experiences in some of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels, and lodges across the country. Sip some of our delicious local wines, perfectly paired with a seasonal dish prepared by some of the top chefs.

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